2015 Cotton Trial Data

Each year, I have the privilege of working alongside some great cotton seed companies to perform some cotton variety trials.  In these trials, we typically have mostly varieties that are already available to the farmer, but sometimes we add in a few experimental varieties that certain companies are hoping to bring to the market the following year.  We conduct these cotton variety trials each year, in hopes of being able to make better decisions on which varieties will be most suitable in various situations.

This year's variety trials showed some excellent results.  We had one trial that was dry land in Wilcox County, and an irrigated trial in Turner County.  These trials were conducted alongside Josh Mayfield of Bayer CropScience, so a majority of the varieties consisted of Stoneville and Fibermax varieties.  We saw good results from both of these varieties.  Even though the plot in Wilcox County was extremely dry, we were still able to get some good data from the trial by being able to see how tolerant those varieties can be in drought situations.

Attached below are the results of these two trials.  We will hopefully be posting an update of a third trial soon.  If you have any questions as to how any of these cotton varieties can work for you, call, text, or email me and I will be more than glad to discuss them with you!












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