2015 Nematode Cotton Variety Trial

In May of 2015, we planted a trial to see how well some of the cotton varieties would perform in some nematode soils. The trial was planted in northeast Turner County under irrigation. In the implementation of this trial, no nematicides or seed treatments were used. We were hoping to see the true tolerance of nematodes in each of these varieties and how they would perform without the use of any treatments.

There were 3 varieties that were in this trial: ST4946GLB2, PHY427WRF, and ST1532GLT. Throughout the entire growing season, we were able to see some great visual responses to each of the varieties. Nematodes were present, which was apparent through leaf discolorations and root galling. However, all varieties seemed to be tolerant of the nematode feedings and overcame any stunting that we're used to seeing.

At harvest, all 3 varieties performed well. We flew a drone over field ahead of cotton picker, and we were able to get some great visual data of all 3 varieties. There was only approximately 200 pounds difference between the top yielder and the bottom yielder. I am posting a link of the drone footage as well as the yield and gin data results from the trial. If you have any questions in regards to this trial, feel free to contact me to learn more!




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