2015 Cotton Trial Data

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Each year, I have the privilege of working alongside some great cotton seed companies to perform some cotton variety trials.  In these trials, we typically have mostly varieties that are already available to the farmer, but sometimes we add in a few experimental varieties that certain companies are hoping to bring to the market the […]

2015 Nematode Cotton Variety Trial

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In May of 2015, we planted a trial to see how well some of the cotton varieties would perform in some nematode soils. The trial was planted in northeast Turner County under irrigation. In the implementation of this trial, no nematicides or seed treatments were used. We were hoping to see the true tolerance of […]

Young Ag Professional Award

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On November 2, I was blessed by winning a Young Farmer Award known as the Young Ag Professional Award, representing the South Caucus of Georgia. The Young Ag Professional Award is sponsored by the Georgia Young Farmers Association in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Education and the Division of Agricultural Education. The purpose of […]

Soil Sampling

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As most farmers are still in the middle of harvest, I pray that you all have a safe and successful harvest.  With the harvest coming to an end soon, it will be time to turn our attention to soil sampling.  Soil sampling is vital in the upkeep of the land, so that farmers can capitalize on […]

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