Soil Sampling

Another service that JSAS offers is soil sampling in between crop years. Soil sampling is vital in the upkeep of the land, so that farmers can capitalize on detection of nutritional deficiencies in each field. Knowing what minerals are in abundance or lacking can help farmers make adjustments through lime and fertilizer, thus optimizing their yield potential for the upcoming crop. I offer a wide array of sampling venues. Conventional sampling is conducted by breaking down a field and pulling a soil sample per 10 acres.

GPS grid sampling is another venue which has seen tremendous gains over the past few years. GPS grids can be mapped in a field ranging from 1-5 acre grids, with a soil sample being pulled within each grid. GPS grid sampling is done through a computer software called AgFleet, in which the grid data is saved through the software and uploaded into software. That data can then be overlaid and transferred to a software program that can be uploaded into fertilizer trucks, who then can spread the lime and fertilizer according to the GPS grids. This can save growers a tremendous amount of money, because the lime and fertilizer are applied where it is most needed, and helps to create uniformity in each field that have samples pulled on a GPS sample.

All soil samples are pulled with a soil sampler called the Wintex1000.  The Wintex1000 is a gas powered, hydraulic driven soil sampler that offers quick and precise sampling.  The sampler is computer automated to pull each and every soil sample at the same depth; therefore offering growers precision with each soil sample, giving them the most uniform soil sampling in each field.



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