Young Ag Professional Award

Young Farmer

On November 2, I was blessed by winning a Young Farmer Award known as the Young Ag Professional Award, representing the South Caucus of Georgia. The Young Ag Professional Award is sponsored by the Georgia Young Farmers Association in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Education and the Division of Agricultural Education.

The purpose of the Young Ag Professional Award is to encourage young men and women who are in the beginning or developmental stages of their agribusiness careers or endeavors. The goal is to provide recognition to those who are showing signs of growth and knowledge both professionally and personally in the field of agribusiness.

After being recognized as the winner of the Young Ag Professional Award in the South Caucus of Georgia, I am now a finalist for the award for the entire state of Georgia. If blessed to win the state award, a plaque and scholarship will be awarded in order to attend the national level at the NYFEA Ag Promise. We are excited to have been recognized for this award in our South GA region, and can't wait to see what's in store! Thanks for your love and support!

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