Jesse Story Agricultural Services is a full service agricultural consulting company, offering year round services for all agricultural needs, and has been in business for 10 years. Based out of Ashburn, Georgia, I serve farmers in 9 counties, including Turner County. I grew up on a farm, working alongside my Daddy and Granddaddy as soon as I was old enough to work. As a teenager, I began scouting cotton for our family’s farms. For nearly 13 years now, I have had the privilege of working with Johnny Crawford, a retired UGA cotton agronomist. Over the years, he has imparted so much of his knowledge and experience upon me, which I take with me every day. While I was in high school and college, one of the main purposes of my business was to have a part time job to help pay my way through college. Since that time, I have been blessed by my business growing exponentially and have in turn been able to take a part time job into a successful business.

Jesse Story Agricultural Services is a family based and family operated business. As a fourth generation farm family, agriculture is all that I have known. When not working with my farmers, I am on some of the family farm, helping my Daddy, Uncle, or Granddaddy. Faith, family, and farming has become a way of life. With two sons of my own, I hope to continue to grow my business to where I can work alongside my sons, and further benefit our local farms and communities.

Jesse Story Ag Services

1122 Hobby Rd
Ashburn, Ga 31714
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