Seasonal Scouting

Jesse Story Agricultural Services offers multiple services throughout the year to help farmers make the most of their investments in their land and crops. One main service offered is seasonal scouting. In scouting crops, I assist growers in insect management, weed management, and overall growth and development of the crops. I offer scouting services for all crops.

While scouting your crops, recommendations can be made on correct use of certain herbicides to get the most out of weed management.  Additionally, through thorough research and study, I can direct you to the best fungicides to help farmers get the most protection from certain diseases in their crops.  When it comes to growing cotton, we make recommendations on plant growth regulator in order to allow the cotton plant to be as reproductive as possible, thus optimizing yield potential.

Insect management is possibly the most vital asset to our scouting services.  While scouting, we will make thorough and precise counts of insect pests, so that we can make the best possible recommendation of insecticides to protect crops.




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